Art-Art majors will have Art class for 225 minutes per week!

7th grade-The 7th grade Art curriculum at Beveridge Magnet School focuses on personal identity and the student's cultural background.  Students explore art found around the world and reflect on how it has impacted their personal idenity.

8th grade-The 8th grade Art curriculum at Beveridge Magnet School provides students the opportunity to identify, analyze, interpret, and make informed judgements about works of art within social, historical, and cultural contexts.  In addition, students are provided instruction to help them gain an understanding and value for their own and other cultures

Arts Cafe

The Beveridge Arts Cafe will be held Thursday, November 5, 2020 from 5:30 - 7:30 pm.  Be sure to bring your appetite to this event and purchase tacos from the taco truck  Arts Cafe will showcase the art work of Beveridge art and dual language art majors, photography students, and art club members. Guests can participate in the creation of art by purchasing hand blended ice cream,  t-shirts, buttons, and so much more. Guests artists will be on hand to demonstrate their artistic skills.  

Bancroft Art Gallery Show- Exquisite Collaboration

The Beveridge art students and Art Club members presented an Art show entitled "Exquisite Collaboration" at the Bancroft Art Gallery. 

If you were not able to attend, don't fret! Below is a link to a 360 degree photo of the set up. You should be able to sort of move around the photo and zoom in on works (to a point) to give students who were not able to attend an idea of what the show looks like. Be sure to check it out!