A message from the principal


Welcome to Beveridge Magnet School of Global Studies and the Arts! Besides a full program of excellent academic opportunities, we provide our students with expanded offerings in the visual and performing arts. Imagine declaring a major (just like in college!) in drama, art, band, instrumental music, vocal music or international studies!  Our students have a full calendar throughout the year when they showcase their talents, no matter what they might be.  Our global studies program increases awareness and knowledge of the global world, and it includes a two-year program in French, Chinese, Spanish, or German.  A cultural festival wraps up our school year with every classroom celebrating and sharing the interesting aspects of the selected culture. It's a fabulous event!  

I am extremely proud of the climate in our school.  We offer an inviting atmosphere where students are welcomed and respected by staff and each other.  I  believe that our very talented staff provides a place where young adults are able to grow academically and emotionally and find their special gifts, exciting them for the challenges they'll face in their next phase of life, high school.  We welcome you to visit our school on the web, or by making an appointment for a personal tour.

Ms. Michaela Jackson
Beveridge Magnet School