Extending Learning Opportunities will begin soon.  Stay tuned for more information.

Opportunities will soon be available Tuesday-Thursday each week until 5 pm.


 Beveridge Late Bus Procedures

  • Students who receive OPS transportation are eligible to receive late bus transportation.  In order to sign up for the late bus, students need to follow the procedures below. 
  • During lunch, students should sign up for the late bus on the sheet provided.  These are located on the table outside of the cafeteria.  Students should clearly write their first and last name as well as their student id number on the sheet.
  • Once the school day has ended, students should report to their designated activity. 
  • If students are staying for extended day, they should report to the cafeteria.  Once in the cafeteria, students should sign up for the specific area for which they need tutorial help.
  • Tutorial teachers will direct students to a classroom. Students will remain with their tutorial teacher until 5 pm. 
  • At 5 pm, an announcement will be made for all student riding the late bus to report to the cafeteria.  Students should report immediately.
  • Once in the cafeteria, students will check their name off with the bus supervisor.
  • When cleared by the bus supervisor, students may exit the building using the dock doors and report to their assigned bus.
  • Buses leave Beveridge at 5:15 pm.
  • Questions about the late bus procedure?  Call Chad Wachholtz, Assistant Principal @ Beveridge 531-299-8652.
  • Questions about transportation?  Please call STA at 402-933-0661 (West Base) or 402-763-8666 (North Base).


Do you need help with your homework?  Do you need to use a computer to complete your homework?  Do you want to work on Teen Biz?  If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you should check out the Extended Day program at Beveridge.  The Extended Day program is available to those who need extra help, a quiet place to study, or need to use a computer.  The Extended Day program meets on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school until 5:15 pm.

Students staying for the Extended Day program should report to the cafeteria at 3:10 pm.  Students will be divided into subject areas and paired up with the teacher who is providing the extra homework help.  Below you will find the schedule for this week.