Parent Information:  See diagrams below for parent drop off and pick up information.

Please note:  The south parking lot is reserved for bus traffic and staff parking only.

Primary Drop Off 


Beveridge Morning Drop Off Techniques 

  • Vehicles coming off of 120th Street must turn onto Woolworth Avenue 
  • Proceed West 
  • DO NOT turn Left onto S. 121st Street 
  • Turn Left onto S. 122nd Street 
  • Follow the curve and enter the ‘drop off loop’ 
  • Stay to the right along the curb and pull forward as far as you can 
  • Students may exit their vehicles ONLY CURBSIDE. This is known as ‘the QUICK DROP.’ Students should NOT exit their vehicles from the left lane. 
  • Parents may then exit the loop by turning Right onto Skylark Drive or proceeding North onto S. 121st Street. 
  • Parents may also drop off on Pinewood Circle Drive 
  • Drop offs are also permitted along S. 123rd Street

Secondary Drop Off and Pick Up Location



After School Pick Up Techniques 

  • From 120th Street, vehicles must turn onto Woolworth Avenue 
  • Stay in line and pull up as far as you can 
  • Parking on 121st Street and waiting for your child is not permitted 
  • Pick ups are not permitted along Skylark Drive 
  • Once your child is in your vehicle, you may proceed out of the loop and either turn Right onto Skylark Drive or proceed North onto 121st Street 
  • Skylark Drive becomes a ‘ONE WAY’ once school is out 
  • The Left lane of Skylark Drive is for Left turns only 
  • The Right lane of Skylark Drive is for Right turns only


Inclement Weather Morning Drop-Off Suggestions


In the event of inclement weather, Beveridge will have a secondary entrance into the building. 

The red arrow indicates the location of the secondary entrance.  As soon as parents enter the loop, we encourage your child to exit your vehicle curbside and staff on duty will get them into the building.

Utilizing this secondary entrance should speed up the morning drop-off process and decrease the number of late check-ins due to inclement weather.