Morning Drop Off/Pick Up

Parent Information:  See diagrams below for parent drop off and pick up information.

Please note:  The south parking lot is reserved for bus traffic and staff parking only.

Primary Drop Off 

Beveridge Morning Drop Off Techniques 

· Vehicles coming off of 120th Street must turn onto Woolworth Avenue 

· Proceed West 

· DO NOT turn Left onto S. 121st Street 

· Turn Left onto S. 122nd Street 

· Follow the curve and enter the ‘drop off loop’ 

· Stay to the right along the curb and pull forward as far as you can 

· Students may exit their vehicles ONLY CURBSIDE. This is known as ‘the QUICK DROP.’ Students should NOT exit their vehicles from the left lane. 

· Parents may then exit the loop by turning Right onto Skylark Drive or proceeding North onto S. 121st Street. 

· Parents may also drop off on Pinewood Circle Drive 

· Drop offs are also permitted along S. 123rd Stree

Secondary Drop Off and Pick Up Location

After School Pick Up Techniques 

· From 120th Street, vehicles must turn onto Woolworth Avenue 

· Stay in line and pull up as far as you can 

· Parking on 121st Street and waiting for your child is not permitted 

· Pick ups are not permitted along Skylark Drive 

· Once your child is in your vehicle, you may proceed out of the loop and either turn Right onto Skylark Drive or proceed North onto 121st Street 

· Skylark Drive becomes a ‘ONE WAY’ once school is out 

· The Left lane of Skylark Drive is for Left turns only 

· The Right lane of Skylark Drive is for Right turns only