School Supplies Needed at Beveridge


List of school supplies students may be asked to provide....
Regular pencils
Notebooks - (Students will have 8 classes)
Regular paper (ruled or typing)
3-ring binder 
Folders (one per class)
Colored pencils/ markers
Regular pens- blue/black and red
Book covers
Pencil/Pen Case
Non- specialized calculators (under $15.00) (TI-30X115 recommended for Algebra and Geometry students)
Flash Drive 

Band/Orchestra students:  Musical instrument cleaners and other items (reeds, valve oil, wax, pipe cleaner, etc.

 *Reminder: Scissors are not to be brought to school.

NOTE: Beveridge students are not allowed to carry backpacks throughout the day. Backpacks should be kept in lockers and only used before and after school.