Student Recognition

Each month, students are selected for the Beveridge Bulldog Pride.  Students selected are Beveridge Ready and ready to learn! 
Each semester, students who have made the Beveridge Honor are listed on this page.

September Bulldog Pride Recipients

7A-Basie Spurgeon and Noemi Gilbert

7B-Holden Kleveter and Ashlyn Griffin

8A-Davor Demirovic and Emma Cecil-Starling

8B-Nelly Vera and Alex Robledo

Dual Language-Michelle Montenegro and Zaid Falcon

ACP-Angelis Bishop


October Bulldog Pride Recipients

7A--Ethan Painter and Brianna Reza Rivera  

7B--Ross Paule and Chantal Torres 

8A--Elena Beaudoin-Favela and Tim Anderson 

8B--Gibriel Babikir and Georgia LeClair 

DL—Yulissa Granillo and Enoc Ortega 

Mrs. Speer—Andy Vazquez Macias 

November Bulldog Pride Recipients

7A--Karim El-Kasaby and Pamela Edoh 

7BRachel Orellana and Conner Flaherty 

8A--Diego Amezcua and Kayla Wycoff 

8B--Tyler Kunrath and Jannette Castro 

DL—Adela Gomez and Juan Carbajal 

Mrs. Speer—Matthew Anderson 

December Bulldog Pride Recipients

7A--Estrella Rodriguez and Noah Gumm 

7BLucy Reid and Abinash Poudel 

8A--Lucy Mason and Cristian Mendoza 

8BLucy Reyes and Andy Foster 

DL/ESLCharol Tol Garcia and Huda Qochan 

Mrs. Speer—Steven Neal