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Family & Consumer Sciences 7

Students will learn many essential life skills, such as time-management, organizational skills, basic sewing, basic cooking, child care, money management, and career exploration. Students are expected to work with others, as many of the activities are completed in small group settings. The class is designed to help students develop social skills through participation in cooperative learning activities. Students are able to apply problem-solving skills to real-life experiences and they will be able to demonstrate safe and responsible work habits through a variety of experiences.
Students will:
  • Explore the importance of healthy eating (1HEFP)
  • Demonstrate skills in textile construction and clothing care (2TCCC)
  • Evaluate the function and design of personal living spaces (3PLS)
  • Explore child development and quality child care practices (4CDEV)
  • Understand the principles of personal finance (5PERF)
  • Use resources to investigate future careers (6CAR)


Students will explore a number of cultures and culinary practices.  Basic kitchen safety, tool identification and use, preparation terminology, and small appliance use will be included.  The students will work in cooperative lab groups to prepare and sample recipes representative of individual countries.

Students will:

  • Investigate cultures from various geographical locations around the world for:  food habits, nutrition, and methods of cooking (1WC)
  • Practice safe, responsible, and sanitary work habits in the lab (2SS)
  • Demonstrate preparation of foods utilizing (3FP):
    • Correct and efficient use of kitchen tools
    • Accurate measuring techniques
    • Proper cooking methods


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