Mrs. Kloke’s 7B Science



Welcome to Beveridge! I am excited to have you experience the world of science everyday! We will explore topics in the areas of measurement, flow of energy, biology, heredity, and astronomy. Students will expand their knowledge on these topics through formative assessments (ex: daily work, discussions, notebook work) and summative assessments (ex: tests/quizzes/common assessments, projects, and labs).

Click on the Assignments drop down menu for a detailed Syllabus for 7th grade science.

Materials you need DAILY:
  • Agenda—to write in EVERY day
  • 1 subject notebook ONLY for science—it will mostly be kept in the classroom
  • Writing utensil—blue or black pen or pencil
  • Textbook
Content Standards for 7th Grade Science:                                                                                  
1.1-1.3-Inquiry, the Nature of Science and Technology
3.3-Flow of Matter and Energy in Ecosystems
3.1 Structure and Function of Living Things
4.2-Earth Structures and Processes
4.3-Energy in Earth's Systems

4.1-Earth in Space
**We will accomplish these standards through inquiry-based labs, activities, and projects**
This website, is a great resource for both parents and students.  Please visit often!
Please email me or call 557-4000 and leave a message with any questions or concerns you may have.


Grading Scale:
                A = 3.26-4.00
                B = 2.51-3.25
                C = 1.76-2.50
                D = 1.01-1.75
                F = 0.00-1.00
All marks in the grade book will be 0 through 4; no percentages will be entered into the grade book.  
 Grades are determined through Formative and Summative assessments.  Assessments could include: written quizzes or tests, assignments, projects, observations, discussions with students about the learning, activities, etc.