Welcome to Beveridge Magnet School! 

Mrs. White

7th Grade Resource Teacher

Team 7A

2017-2018 Schedule

0 Hour - 7 Grade Team Time A101
1st hr -   Co-Taught Math with Ms. Krivda
2nd hr-  Co-Taught Math With Ms. Krivda
3rd hr-  Team Plan Time
4th hr-  Co-Taught Language Arts with Ms. Taylor
5th hr-  Co-Taught Language Arts with Ms. Taylor
6th hr-  Co-Taught Reading with Ms. Holder
7th hr-  7th Grade Study Skills
8th hr-  Personal Plan
Team Time - 7th Graders - A101

If you have any questions for me, I can be reached by phone at 402-557-4000 or by email at